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Brielle gets grant to pursue plumbing career.
South Grafton resident Brielle Lentfer is one of just 25 apprentice plumbers from around Australia to receive a $1000 2015 Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grant. The 19 year old knows she has chosen the hard path when a retail job would pay more and be less physically demanding on someone with a petite frame, but Brielle is passionate about plumbing and realizes it is worth putting in the hard yards now.

The grants are awarded to apprentice plumbers most in need of financial assistance and are designed to help them pursue their plumbing career. Each apprentice is awarded $1000 to spend as they need – e.g. on tools, travel to/from TAFE or work, to pay bills or education expenses.
Source: dailyexaminer Website

Walmart reopened in Pico Rivera Friday after plumbing problems forced the location to shut down in April.
"This is my market and everything, and it's been kind of hard since it's been closed," customer Isidore Taoatao said.
The store, located in the 8500 block of Washington Boulevard, was among five across the country to unexpectedly close, surprising customers and workers.
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Colorado Springs plumbing products manufacturer wins patent suit in Tennessee
A bathtub products division of Colorado Springs-based plumbing products manufacturer WCM Industries Inc. last week won a 3-year-old lawsuit over claims three of WCM's patents had been infringed by 1.24 million products sold using the patented technology.

The Oct. 27 jury verdict in a Memphis, Tenn., federal court resulted in a $1.24 million damage award against Compton, Calif.-based IPS Corp. and its American Brass & Aluminum Foundry Co. (AB&A) subsidiary in Collierville, Tenn., that could reach more than $4 million based on additional sales of products containing the technology in the three months before and during the trial and whether Judge Jon P. McCalla imposes treble damages.
Source: gazette Website

Health merger: City plumbing inspections will go countywide
Plumbing regulations, now enforced by the City of Findlay, will apply countywide beginning Jan. 1.
The Hancock County Combined Board of Health voted Friday to require countywide plumbing inspections of new residential construction or major remodeling projects, once the merged city-county health department opens at the beginning of the new year.

In recent weeks, William McHugh, interim health commissioner, said his office has been approached by township trustees concerned about the potential of added regulations for county homeowners. He said the trustees’ positions soften once they understand how the inspections work.
Source: thecourier

First revelations about Mount St. Helens plumbing revealed this week
Scientists on Nov. 3 released the first results of a pioneering, $3 million study of the plumbing below Mount St. Helens, and they shed light on how the volcano may have erupted in 1980.

The study has found three more magma chambers, or reservoirs, below and east of the peak. Scientists before had only been able to confirm one immediately below the crater, though they had suspected the existence of the others.
Source: tdn Website